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Photo Set: Antarctica

Nick on Ob Hill View across the Ice Freezer Land Special Clouds
McMurdo from above Airfield Erebus Ice Crack
A ways from home Turtle Rock Mindy out for a walk Drilling Sea Ice
Ready Moonraker control deck Scouting Penguin Ranch Royal Society Range
Blissed out Moonraker Crary Aquarium Crary Ramp
Touch Tank Snow sneaks in Cold Reflection Blau Ice
Stacy by a cross Ross Island McMurdo (1/2) McMurdo (2/2)
Road to Cape Evans Meat Locker Strange Meat Space Invaders
Contrast Old Food Crary Tank Test McMurdo Waste Treatment
Poop Chute Shit Drier C-17 Landing RO System
Shiny Sunset Erebus Glacier Tounge Mindy at the old aquarium You Melta My Ice
Snowed in Stah Fesh Serious Mindy Ice Airport
C-130 Takeoff Ice Road Ob Hill from afar Pegasus
Pegasus Tail Arrival Heights Sea Ice Transantarctics
Andrill Project Mount Discovery Flat Icebergs Snowy Hills
"Dry" Valley Partially Cloudy Lovely 212 My Tent
New Harbor Camp Layout Tent and Helo Marcus and Mindy driving Road Home
Mindy Warming Up Stormy Eribus Wind, Solar Pissing Indian
Jamesway Roof View Blues Plop
Mindy Drilling Busy Day at Circus Site Mindy Loving It Cool Cracks
Crevasse Crack Attack Ice Bubbles Camp
Right There Samples Lab and Outhouse Dear Dr Bowser
View In Tent View Out Tent Tromp Snow Patterns
New Harbor Camp Layout Chilling at "sundown" Dirt Patterns Winter Wall
Me, Thing Jesus Glacier Torn Sky WTF, Water?
Commonwealth Andrill MCM Airport Helo Pad Landing
hup! Nick's Predive Sweeping the Solar Array Down the cone hole
Hand Pumped Gap Barne Tucker Enroute Seal
Penguinos Rookery Going it alone Cape Royds
Shackleton's Hut Shackleton's Stuff Lube Chilly Inside
Ready to Return Nudibranch Filter Feeder More Octopi
Nick checking it out Mysterious Physics Terry and Nick LDB Hangers
Stacy with Seal Baby Eyes Suiting Up Baby in the hole
Nick regloving Transition BLee getting outside Ice Cave
BLee loves ice Strange Landscape Nick in ice cage Beautiful Ice Pattern
Nick Resting Nose Up BLee returning to his people Adele Slide
Cape Evans Hut Penguino BLee Lotta Stuff Lab Bench
Famous Penguin Most Colorful Hut Bottle Looking up the hole
Antarctic Firetruck Ivan and Drivers Outta Here