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Photo Set: Russia 2008

Dong Chun Deck Zarubino Plate Ice Zarubino Sunrise Zarubino Harbor
Vladivostok Seascape Vladivostok Evening Vladivostok Fishing Hearty Swimmer
Lone Ice Fisher Dive Boards Dive Boards 2 Vlad Ferry
Vlad Color Scheme Vlad Residential Spewage Vlad Inner Harbor
Housing Recursive Towing Illuminated Construction More Residential
Translation? Buying Beer in Skates Harbor Vladivostok Traffic
Archway Warships Nice Truck Vlad Trainstation
The Digs Departure First of many dawns Midnight break
Quick Stop Technicolor Beautiful Morning Town
Rails Ice Formation Stormy Ride Baikal
Jesus Mountains Cold Night Exit Platform Delivery
Returning to Civilization Antsy at the End Moscow at last Moscow Subways
Underground Platform Cathedral Pirate Statue Moscow Construction
Red Square Lenin's Tomb Le Church Kremlin
Overwhelming Capitalism Brick Hermitage Musuem at Night
St. Petersburg Cathedral Bookstore St. Petersburg Canal Hosts!
Epic Building Elements Kart Sailing Maria
Accident fitti Old Vilinus