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Photo Set: Spain 2004

Streets Building Corner Bryan Espresso
Statue Plaza From Palace Plant Chomper
Sort of Fancy Fancy Ceiling Fancy Room Fancy Ceiling Corner
Fancier Ceiling Corner Fancy Curtains Fancy Table Fancy Chandelier
Fancy Atlas Bryan not really looking at the ceiling Jane looks smug Fancy... thing?
Fancy Guitar! Rotunda Time Fancy Arc Oriental Room
Fancy Angel Going to the fancy building Fancy Cock Ring Fancy Sunset
Sunset on a cornice Madrid@night Plaza@night Street@night
Flying Spaghetti Star View from Toledo Fam Keyhole
Sunny Streets Alley Fancy Cathedral On the ball
Valley is pretty Toledo from above More Street We can sing
Watching from above Fancy Round Building Archway Grungy Alley
Wandering Texture Lit Alley Jane
Vista Edible Cathedral Sundown Toledo Jane reads
Painted Building Snowy in Grenada Aproaching Alhambra Peek of a tower
Alhambra buildings Grenada Alhambra building Alhambra indoors
Alhambra mosaic Alhambra windows Alhambra column Alhambra courtyard
Alhambra reflection Alhambra detail Alhambra cats Max and Bryan
Alhambra sleepy Alhambra space Alhambra water flow Alhambra arches
Alhambra floor pattern Another Alhambra courtyard Alhambra hillside Alhambra polygon
Alhambra coliseum Old Cigs Down in Grenada Alhambra ruins
Alhambra cyprus Alhambra buildings Max having a good time Fancy feast
Another Alhambra vista Grenada mona stary Gank an orange Monastary reflection
Parents Monastary Gaudi streetfront Gaudi windows
Gaudi window indoors Gaudi ceiling thing Gaudi doorway Pseudo erotic ceiling
Sky Blue Gaudi sunlight Parabolic arches Barcelona cityscape
Gaudi rooftop Gaudi roof decorations Bryan arches Gaudi door
Sagranda Familia Sagranda Familia ceiling Sagranda Familia info Sagranda Familia info II
Sagranda Familia info III Barcelona phallus Sagranda Familia roof Sagranda Familia construction
Sagranda Familia towers Sagranda Familia more construction Sagranda Familia support Sagranda Familia roof construction
Sagranda Familia more roof Sagranda Familia entrance I Sagranda Familia entrance II Sagranda Familia entrance III
Sagranda Familia tree Sagranda Familia drippy Sagranda Familia interior arch Sagranda Familia open ceiling
Sagranda Familia lit ceiling Sagranda Familia model I Sagranda Familia model II Sagranda Familia model
Sagranda Familia statue Sagranda Familia entrance suports Sagranda Familia another statue Sagranda Familia workshop ceiling
Sagranda Familia workshop outside Barcelona park corner Gaudi facade Gaudi bed
Jane mirror Gaudi pots Roof arch Sagranda Familia from a distance
More Gaudi roof stuff Dali museum exterior Dali museum dome Dali roof statue
Dali roof eggs Dali roof bread Dali egg sculpture Dali ship
Dali interior Dali sketch I Dali sketch II Dali sketch III
Dali dome again Dali sculpture Gaudi park cottage Gaudi park tower
Family in the park