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Photo Set: Travels 2007

Spikey Flower Vancouver Beach things I carried cellphone (macro)
p1210025_piggies2.jpg p1230026_club-lagoon.jpg p1230027_seattle-mountains.jpg p1230029_seattle-panorama1.jpg
p1230031_seattle-panorama3.jpg p1230032_flower-spikes.jpg p1230034_fleshy-flower1.jpg p1230036_fleshy-flower2.jpg
p1230038_flower-yeller.jpg p1230039_park-overpass.jpg p1230040_park-overpass2.jpg p1230042_park-onramp2.jpg
p1230044_park-me.jpg p1250045_tankers1.jpg p1250046_tankers2.jpg p1260047_vc-bridge.jpg
p1260048_vc-beach.jpg p1260049_vc-beach2.jpg p1260050_vc-beach3.jpg p1280053_seattle-room2.jpg
St Louis Arch Weed Wrench cherry blossom our rabbit
seattle public library eating the beast Durian close-up durian internals
dam dam epic mountain lake rainforest gorge
forest road licorice fern rugged beach kelp
canada across the water olympic sunset French Quarter Truck Stop Tiger
New Mexico Underground Cafeteria Caves SP in a bathroom
Big 10 Hot wheels Mind Mango Trinity test site
More Big Mesa Verde Buggy Bombing Utah
tMom driving First arch Utah Mountains Balanced Rock
Delicate Arch Disneyland Blurry plates Happy Camper
Big arch Scrubby Twilight Sundown Don't go tom