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About Me


Hi, I'm Bryan Newbold! I like to climb things and look around.

Most of my work has been dealing with the messy interfaces between information, abstraction, and nature (eg, embedded digital electronics for scientific instruments).

You might know me from around San Francisco, Seattle (, New York City (Recurse Center), or Boston/Cambridge (Industry Lab, MIT).


My prefered contact method is email:

I hang out on IRC with the username bnewbold on the network.

I do not have social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

As of 2022 I live in Seattle, WA at the Extraordinary Least Squares household; follow that link for transit directions and our mailing address.

My GPG key, valid for my email address above from 2014 onwards, is:

pub   rsa4096/0x0C9337BCEC3932B9 2014-03-27 [SC] [expires: 2032-02-29]
      Key fingerprint = 3F46 8108 EE58 663C B95A  E9DC 0C93 37BC EC39 32B9
uid                 [ultimate] bryan newbold <>
uid                 [ultimate] bryan newbold <>
sub   rsa4096/0xC32BD9CE46B152D7 2014-03-27 [E] [expires: 2032-02-29]
      Key fingerprint = 894E D8EA 476D 9BEE 5E28  6D4D C32B D9CE 46B1 52D7
sub   rsa4096/0x084425E080357D53 2014-03-27 [S] [expires: 2032-02-29]
      Key fingerprint = 0C8E 4A0D A8E9 9908 7295  2B3B 0844 25E0 8035 7D53

You can also find me as @bnewbold on

The full public key for the above is in an HTML comment of this document.

About This Website

Stuff that lives here includes:

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