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  1. What is good for?

    Bluesky released early documentation for the "AT Protocol" (atproto) a few weeks ago, and I've been noodling around with it. Technically, it strikes an appealing balance between rigid cryptographically-signed content-addressable storage on the one hand, and familiar web-friendly schemas and integrations on the other. But at an ecosystem level, there …

  2. Trip Report: Biking SF to LA

    To celebrate Lucy's successful completion of her Phd, and to see her off before she heads back to Seattle, we biked from San Francisco (well, Salinas) to Los Angeles at the end of March, 2019. It was glorious!


  3. What I Learned At JuliaCon

    Note: It looks like videos of the JuliaCon talks were uploaded to Youtube the day this post was finally published!

    I was in Cambridge, MA for a few days the other week at JuliaCon, a small conference for the Julia programming language. Julia is a young language (started around 2014 …

  4. New Web Server (2016)

    For the past 9 years or so (February 2007 through April 2016), this website has run reliably despite being a weird machine: a custom prototype web application for archiving and sharing digital "artifacts" of all sorts. I remember a bold and sparkling afternoon at a coffee house in Santa Cruz …