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Photo Set: Yakima Bike Tour


Bike tour with Lucy from Seattle to Portland via Yakima, in late September 2021.

We planned this trip last year (2020), but there was too much smoke so we went to the Olympic Penninsula instead. Big thanks to Mika and Mako who did all the route planning, including GPX tracks, which you can find on

Conceptually, there were three geographic segments, each about 110 miles:

Then a train ride back from Portland to Seattle. We did the trip in 6 days of biking, camping the first 4 nights, then staying at Carson Hot Springs, and with friends the last night in Portland.

The diversity of climate, geography, and habitation made this a really interesting trip. Dry and (relatively) hot on the east side, raining in Portland, foggy through Snoqualmie pass. Highlights were long tunnel at Hyak, the gorgeous winding descent in to Maryhill, beer and pizza in Carson, the climb to Satus pass, Yakima canyon, trail-side BBQ in Cle Elum, and pastries at a Greek monastary just after Satus pass.

Photos are a mix of phone and camera, with skewed clocks, which unforuntately results in things being a bit out of order.

PXL_20210922_191828086.jpg PXL_20210922_193346702.jpg PXL_20210922_214627724.jpg
PXL_20210922_220829316.jpg PXL_20210922_221549916.jpg DSC03467.JPG
PXL_20210922_234258102.jpg DSC03469.JPG DSC03471.JPG
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DSC03503.JPG DSC03504.JPG PXL_20210923_172209467.jpg
PXL_20210923_185442349.jpg PXL_20210923_185452411.jpg PXL_20210923_200345047.jpg
PXL_20210923_205941847.jpg PXL_20210923_210757240.jpg DSC03507.JPG
DSC03508.JPG DSC03511.JPG DSC03516.JPG
DSC03519.JPG DSC03521.JPG DSC03522.JPG
DSC03523.JPG DSC03524.JPG PXL_20210924_164433433.jpg
PXL_20210924_181309865.jpg PXL_20210924_184259269.jpg DSC03526.JPG
PXL_20210925_012634621.jpg PXL_20210925_014913346.jpg DSC03532.JPG
DSC03538.JPG DSC03541.JPG PXL_20210925_174712361.jpg
PXL_20210925_211933655.jpg DSC03544.JPG DSC03548.JPG
DSC03552.JPG DSC03554.JPG DSC03555.JPG
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DSC03570.JPG DSC03572.JPG DSC03578.JPG
DSC03580.JPG PXL_20210926_180042268.jpg PXL_20210926_182559941.jpg
PXL_20210926_185537275.jpg PXL_20210926_204346663.jpg PXL_20210926_212416479.jpg
PXL_20210926_222109716.jpg DSC03581.JPG DSC03583.JPG
PXL_20210927_024606688.jpg DSC03584.JPG DSC03585.JPG
PXL_20210927_153211580.jpg PXL_20210927_164157650.jpg PXL_20210927_164952439.jpg
PXL_20210927_165044462.jpg PXL_20210927_165824285.jpg PXL_20210927_172343813.jpg
PXL_20210927_172350018.jpg PXL_20210927_180552463.jpg PXL_20210927_194632408.jpg
PXL_20210927_194706544.jpg PXL_20210928_162105187.jpg PXL_20210928_170448000.jpg