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Photo Set: Europe in Summer


Travel with Lu across Europe to see friends, in the first half of June.

After separately traveling to Ireland and Iceland, met up in London to see S+A and kids. Took a side trip together to Deal (a beach town near Dover), and saw the ramp-up to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Was great to see fresh flowers and walk around the neighborhood more in early summer. Surprisingly good street food and produce, and got in some gigantic fish and chips despite apocalyptic predictions of supply collapse from The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF). Great to see Raf and Ludo growing. On the way out got to see the rare books room at British Library and the new Elizabeth Line (aka Crossrail), which had just opened.

Then on to Amsterdam with L+A, via Eurostar. Got a wonderful lazy walking and biking tour of Amsterdam, out in to the surrounding farming areas. Did not realize the entire city is built on sand, like the Outer Richmond and Sunset in San Francisco!

More train riding on to Berlin. More new construction every time I visit, this time in particular the Warschauer Stra├če area has changed a lot. Stayed in W's snazzy new home, and swam again with J+R. Lu and I both getting sick, presumably something non-COVID from the London kids, but it was train time again off to Prague then overnight to Croatia.

I was barely awake at all in Rijeka, but did at least get to see M+V for an all-to-short hour. Met up with Ana, then off to Zadar and Omis. Oh Omis! So beautiful and easy and warm and good swimming. We were very well hosted and finally starting feeling better. The Adriatic delivered a full bounty.

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