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What Have I Done?


4/15: It's... Spring!

Continued to work remotely for Twinleaf, building skills in PCB layout and more complex systems. Worked from home in our apartment in the University District. Hiked around Washington, seeing lots of Alpine Lakes and fungus. Traveled to CCC for New Years, and stopped briefly in Iceland for some repairs, and in London to see old friends. Went SCUBA diving in Thailand, then traveled to Japan with Lucy over spring break. Got to see beautiful cherry blossoms both in Tokyuo Ueno Park and then back in Seattle at the University.

9/14: It's... Fall!

A busy summer! Started working directly for Twinleaf; left Camrbridge and lived in Princeton (NJ) for several months. In August Lucy and I traveled to Hawai'i and WWOOFed with the excellent Mariana Rainbow on the big island. We backpacked around Kaua'i and the Volcanoes, visited the top of Mauna Kea, and ended in Honolulu with Lucy's extended family. We traveled back to NYC opposite routes around the world (I stopped by Portland for a free software conference, Lucy went through China) and then packed everything into a tiny car to move west to Seattle. We took I-90 all the way across with great stops in Wyoming and South Dakota.

4/14: It's... Spring!

Over the winter traveled to Iceland to install a communal server. Later I rode Amtrak to Miami to catch some sun. The first revision of the neurobiology hardware was completed, and I primarily started working timing and controls contracts for a magnetometry company in Princeton.

10/13: It's... Fall!

LeafLabs and I get entangled in an increasingly complex modular smartphone project, involving Industry Lab friends, Silicon Valley giants, and lots of suspended disbelief. Lots and lots of bus, train, and plane travel down to Baltimore to visit Lucy.

5/13: It's... Spring!

I moved back to Cambridge, MA, and live in a purple resident-owned co-op house. I rejoin LeafLabs, which has moved into a new space in Inman Square (a continuation of the earlier "Technology City" in Central). We work a number of contract projects; I primarily write FPGA firmware and glue code for a large-scale neurobiology readout system in collaboration with a group at the Media Lab.

1/13: It's... Winter!

In the fall, traveled to Iceland with Lucy! It was lovely. Lived in Berlin for a few months, continuing work on rooter. I gave a talk in Ljubljana and traveled through the Balkans to Istanbul. In the New Year I reunited with Lucy in Berlin and we traveled to Morocco, Turkey, and China; I stopped through Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Singapore briefly.

08/12: It's... Summer!

After a year at Octopart i'm taking time off to volunteer on projects preserving the internet as a strong public commons. I helped with Free Network Foundation deployments in New York and Kansas City, started an open source wireless router project called rooter, spent a couple weeks reading in Maine, then traveled to the west coast to crash with Star at The Sprouts and drive north to Toorcamp at the tip of the Washington state peninsula.

01/12: It's... Winter!

Time flies! Visited friends and hiked on the west coast in August and gave a talk about electronics pricing at the Open Hardware Summit back here in NYC. Traveled to Berlin for the 28th chaos communication congress, then through Zurich and Copenhagen.

05/11: It's... Spring!

After joining a motley crew of salad eaters in Reykjavik for a week of bracing winds and bit twiddling I moved to lower Manhattan with my girlfriend Amanda. Wrapped logistics for the Keck group at Harvard, read up on Prolog and ML, built with friends Toby and Scotty, and will soon start a job at Octopart (a search engine for electronic components).

12/10: It's... Fall!

Worked up a storm at LeafLabs, including helping start a new tech startup space in Central Square (Cambridge, MA) and took a Complex Analysis course at Sprouts. Took a contract job at Harvard to make ends meet, I now spend most of my time there working on the controls and data acquisition systems for the Keck Array South Pole CMB telescope.

04/10: It's... Spring!

Ventured to Newfoundland and Labrador for snow camping with Tom, and then bounced around Toronto with Christine. Spent two lovely months in NYC building video games and robotic furniture, then took a job at LeafLabs in Cambridge.

12/09: It's... Winter!

Worked at a microbial fuel cell (bio-energy) startup for a few months, then got hired as the South Pole Telescope winterover and spent time at Berkeley and UChicago, but then that fell through and I came back to Boston.

07/09: It's... Summer!

Graduated from MIT as Course 8b (Physics, sadly sans thesis), biked a lot, and taught Java to high school students in Jerusalem as part of the MEET program. Then traveled through Egypt and beautiful Jordan in deliciously dry heat, paradise!

04/09: It's... Spring!

Finishing up my undergraduate degree, working on an amazing thesis project, hacking scheme, staying warm. Visited Mexico City in January with my family.

10/08: It's... Fall!

Made peace with quantum mechanics, programmed FPGAs, la la.

07/08: It's... Summer!

Working at LIGO again for the summer, living with friends in Central Square. Investigating wire hysteresis in the Advanced LIGO quadruple pendulum prototypes.
Took two quick trips to Maine and visited NYC a few times but otherwise pretty quiet.

04/08: It's... Spring!

Crunching through a productive semester at MIT, loving analysis and experimental physics.

01/08: It's... Winter!

Much travel! Fresh off the ice I spent a couple weeks in New Zealand smelling, touching, eating, and making travel arrangements. Then flew off to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima in Japan to visit my friend Chris. I took bullet trains and high speed ferries across to South Korea to visit my friend Seo and her family, then hoped on a used car ferry to Vladivostok, Russia. A solid week on the trans-Siberian express with soldiers and alcoholics got me to Muskov and St Petersburg, where amazing couchsurfing hosts took me in and shared their lives. Then quickly (to avoid visa issues) off by train through eastern Europe to visit Virgil and Claudio in Bucharest, Romania, then a few days in Vienna and a layover in Dublin brought me back here to MIT just in time for the spring semester. More than 10k kilometers from Tokyo to Vienna without flying!

11/07: It's... Spring?

At McMurdo station in Antarctica driving an ROV and soaking up the midnight sun! It's a ten week deployment from October through mid-December. The people are amazing, work rewarding, and more outlandishly beautiful than I could have hoped for.

08/07: It's... Summer!

I have been spending the summer living in Moss Landing, CA working on an ROV project; in a few weeks I'll be leaving with the team to Antarctica for the fall.
Before that I'll be hitting the Nevada salt flats for my first burning man.
Moss Landing is a pretty slow town, I've really appreciated visitors and trips northto the bay area. It seems like there are more MIT students here than in Cambridge!

04/07: It's... Spring!

Spring in the northwest is beautiful! Maybe I just never got outside enough in Boston? Left Seattle in April to spend 3 weeks in south-east alaska, traveling in style on the Alaska Marine Highway system and sea planes. The closest city to the cabin I stayed in was Juneau, which is unaccessible to the outside world by road. The cabin belongs to my friend Helene's parents, who put me in contact with their gracious friends Doug and Jane in Juneau, whose help was invaluable in getting out there.
Returned home to Boston briefly then drove west through the south with Tom to start work in California.
I have a new website with photos, knowledge, and software projects!

02/07: It's... Winter!

I have taken a leave of absence from MIT and hit the road... took greyhound cross country, visited NYC, Chicago, Berkley, and Vancouver, and have settled in Seattle for now. Will be working for a fine little company pumping out barcodes for the next few months. Craigslist has been my shelter, transportation, and job supply.

10/06: It's... Fall!

It's been a busy fall... junior lab takes up a lot of time and the rest I pour into my super cool UROP at the LIGO project. Gravitational waves are mmm-mmm fresh!

8/06: It's... Summer!

Heat! I'm working at zingku (mobile social networking startup), coding up web apps, taking a linear algebra course at BU, and working as the RA and a desk worker for senior house.
I did a one week stint as a fruititarian (only eating raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts) as an experiment; it worked out pretty well, "cooked" all my own food, ate cheap, controlled hunger very easily, high energy, etc. I've been biking around a lot on an old piece of crap.
Time slips by!

11/05: It's... Spring!

Yum-a-licious! Over IAP I participated in maslab with my friends Christine and Gene. We were not competitive on the playing field, but we had a sweet laser cut bot and some really nice (overly ambitious and complicated and threaded?) code.
I've been getting very into computers again, python in particular. Django is a great python web app framework that I've been playing with and will probably finish off some projects with that this summer.
I've joined the SailBot team at MIT, which will compete this june in an autonomous sailing race up in Canada.
I've been cranking out videos as part of my 4.366 class, some of which will be put up here on the website.

11/05: It's... Fall.

I spent the rest of the summer working at Oculus, but got mononucleosis for the last several weeks and ended up living at home for a couple weeks.
This fall is much less of an exclamation mark semester. I have a UROP with professor Hosler where I am advising on a future raft voyage off the pacific coast of south/central america. Kind of like Kon-Tiki.

6/05: It's... Early Summer!

Just got back from Europe the other day. Don't have any pictures really, but I might steal some from other people soon. Had a great time sailing, went to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice, Geneva, Florence, Rome, and lots of little place along the way. Sweet!
I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled next week, and have a messed up ankle from rugby. I am bumming around at east campus for the summer, hopefully working for Oculus Technologies.

4/05: It's... Spring!

I'm tired! I'm playing rugby and IM ultimate; moving around outdoors makes me realize how little sleep I get and how much I miss sailing and soccer.
This summer it looks like i'll be sailing in France May 18-26, bumming around Europe till June 13th, then working on and off for the rest of the summer, hopefully doing conservation work. I really wanted to be sailing offshore for most of the summer. I don't really know how I got off that track.

1/05: It's... IAP!

I'm taking a film workshop and undergoing intensive EMT training.

11/04: It's... Thanksgiving!